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Sauvi me
When I need a break
Let the shape of this glass embody me
Are you not impressed with how I play on these flutes
sipping away my ideas on this balcony?
Cabernet or Blanc, what is your favorite alchemy?
It was the Blanc for me
Who would have thought I would find my name in a bottle
Can barely recall which night that was but I am sure I spent it
pouring like there is no tomorrow
And laughing with my girls or maybe a man that I love,
On this time we borrow
See, Sauvignon has this divine way of reminding me how I grew
Long way from the girl my music once knew
Onward to the woman I aspire to
In love with my art & self so much
That if it became two
I would find a way to make them one again
And I sing because I want others
To feel this way
My way
The way that I do
So really Sauvi you
And pour your own peace
And let the experiences I have placed in these notes
Bring you close to me
Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence
When there is no need to say anything
And the feeling that takes over from the former and latter
Is the reason why I sing

-Poetic Jahra

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